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Transport GLONASS/GPS-monitoring equipment

"SMART S-2422 MID" GLONASS/GPS-tracker


  • Description

    Tracker with built-in GLONASS/GPS- and GSM-antennas, without built-in battery. Device has digital interface RS-485 for fuel level sensors (FLS) and another equipment connection.

    • Built-in sensitive GLONASS/GPS and GSM-antennas
    • Power protection and input lines protection up to 200V
    • 2G modem
    • 1 SIM-card
    • 3 universal input lines
    • 2 control output lines
    • RS-485 and 1-Wire interfaces
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Documentation

  • Configurator

    The latest configurator version - NTC Configurator (download)

  • Firmware

    The latest firmware for SMART S-2422 devices - Download

    Requires installation of NTC Configurator v.3.1.4

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